Final Critique and Photography

The final critique was important as this would be the only time my tutor would experience my physical work before grading. My final piece was commended on its ambition and the strength of the aesthetic was likened to Bezzola. The most positive aspect of the critique was the way in which my peers interacted with the sculpture. I was initially concerned that the restricted methods of display in the critiques would limit the impact of my work. However, when the class was reflecting on my work, someone was wrapped up in the way I envisioned the work to be exhibited. The tutor was positive about the amount of high quality work which I had produced in the given time, but was expecting more for the final degree show. Other comments included praise on the immersive aspect of the work and how tactile and addictive my work has become.

As the critique was successful, it was crucial to accurately translate the physical sculpture through photography for the final submission. The piece was to be photographed in the university studio, allowing guidance by technicians of lighting and settings. It was necessary to photograph the sculpture on both the body and individually so as the examiner could gain full appreciation of the work. I chose Bezzola’s ‘Inside Out’ project as inspiration for the lighting of my shoot, where there is a dramatic contrast between dark background and light falling on the subject. The model was dressed in black and had a natural look so as not to shift focus from my outcome. The shoot was extremely successful and I felt that the photography does justice and emphasises the experiential nature of the piece.

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