Ink Issues

Since the last experiment I have made valuable mistakes through testing a range of materials so as to find the optimum methods of combining ink patterns and colour within one outcome.

The first experiment was to use black quink ink and then add coloured Indian ink in the same manner as I have done previously. The quink ink was successful in the softness of the liquid once dry and didn’t blead out into the bare fabric. The issue occured when the colour was applied afterwards as when the black was wet the two colours would bleed together, ultimately affecting the quality of finish. To salvage the experiment, I painted black Indian ink over the damaged areas but this caused a change in the consistency of black colouring. The next experiment was to firstly paint the coloured Indian ink and then add the quink ink after the first layer had dried. This still led to a bleed in the edge and therefore was unsuitable.IMG_6855

As the coloured inks are proving difficult to use, I began to applique the coloured sections with fabrics. I used the same illustration as the previous experiment so as to make a direct comparison and to be time effective. This was a successful experiment as it added another layer of texture to the product whilst still keeping a tactile feel. The only issue is whether the fabric sections compliment the thick bold lines that the ink provides. I used a black stitch to attach the colours which has tied the aesthetic together, but could be improved by a thicker line. Also the image where coloured sections interact with the inked areas are more endearing as the image is not disconnected. These are technicalities to consider through the next stage of development as a stronger colour may be welcomed and framing of the more delicate in style.

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