Development of Calico Designs

Yesterday’s tutorial saw a change in the way I approach my visual practice and contextualise my outcomes. Before the tutorial I also experimented with other colours of Indian ink to expand the story telling calico experiments. This was a result of a desire to add colour and theory back into my style, allowing for my work to become more attractive and endearing to the perspective audience. Furthermore, I took one distinctive section from the black ink drawing (the pancreas) and created a three dimensional version. I crafted this by cutting two sections from calico and painted on the surface allowing for the pattern to be carried across the seam allowances so as there is a continuation in design when constructed. The next stage was to sew the rough sides together leaving a hole in the stich work so the shell could be turned the correct way. The sculpture was then stuffed and finished with over stitching. This was a successful experiment in terms of the visual outcome however there was technical difficulties when stuffing the pancreas. Something to consider in the future is where the opening is positioned as I couldn’t reach the end of the shell resulting in an under stuffed product.

My tutor commended my drawing work but felt that the surface materials were holding back my ambition. It seemed a subconscious decision for me to produce long drawings and therefore I should carry on this new venture through sculptural and installation work. I was also asked what I intended to communicate through my project, my answer being that I want people to take notice of harm which cannot be seen. I believe that if people could actually (for example) see their brains shrink or fat being transported on the outside of their bodies that the health implications would be diminished. Therefore, I am to bring the inside outwards in a long sculptural piece which could be wrapped around the body. This will highlight the process and alarm people into changing their attitude. I have been directed to the work of Mike Kelley, in particular an exhibition called ‘The Uncanny’. This alongside the portfolio of Clarina Bezzola are areas of study within the next week.

I have already begun the developmental stage by cutting and designing a larger shell which will be stuffed in a similar manner to the previous experiment. This will also have an opening at the top of the structure so as to add further sections to create the desired length. I initially intended the sculptural work to be constructed from only one shell, however this would be difficult to manage. The only issue is the pressure on the joins so double stitching may be required. I have also added colour to be design to enhance the narrative. At the moment I have created a colour pallet of yellow green and orangee block colours. These are complimentary colours which also contrast well against the black areas and negative space.

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