FMP Starting Points

After discussing my FMP concept with my tutor, I have decided to consider food and health headlines as my exploration. This is extending my first project of Coeliac disease further than a niche audience, and understanding how scares and strong media influences can affect the intake of an individual. At present I have a broad range of examples to play with, and the only way to find a more focussed discussion is by working visually and researching together. This will allow me to experiment with imagery and medium whilst discovering which issues need to addressed.

To start the process, I created a list of health headlines which have affected the way that I have approached food both negatively and positively. I have then visualised these concerns within a number of postcard sized drawings so as I can test the strength of the visuals.

At the moment my list consists of;

Blue rays from phones ruining your eyes

Burnt toast will give you cancer

Dairy makes you fat

Sausages will also give you cancer

Is it unethical to eat egg?

Green teas and black coffee will heal everything

The contraceptive pill will give you a stroke

Gum will stay in your system for 7 years if you swallow

Charcoal makes you teeth white

Sugar or sweeteners?

Skinny jeans, fur hoods and cross bags will hurt your back

Blue berries are brain food

Blueberries also help eliminate baby blues

Too many bananas= too much potassium

10 a day or 5 a day?

Rainbow food is good for you

Caffeine is evil

Red meats could be horse meat

If I eat meat will I harm the environment?

Tomatoes help fertility


It is impossible to keep up with all these diet changes, and therefore which media announcements can we trust? The next steps in my research will aim towards one subject which I can investigate thoroughly and will comfort concerns. I shall listen to health announcements on the news and breakfast shows such as ITV’s This Morning. I feel it may also be useful to watch documentaries such as ‘Food Unwrapped’ and to buy health magazines to get a good overview of the current situation. If I was to focus my studies on veganism, a good source of discussion would be the book eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, as he discusses the dangers of eating meats and processing.

This is only the start of my research and I am welcoming any interesting topics surrounding health, fitness of well-being. I shall look into these research avenues and find one smaller topic which I can then focus on and expand my knowledge.


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