Saatchi Gallery: Painter’s Painters

To gather inspiration for the upcoming Final Major Project, I took a research trip to the Saatchi Gallery as I find there is always a good overview of contemporary visual culture. The current exhibition is Painters’ Painters which is an exploration into the wide decline of painting as a medium and how young artists are now reviving traditional arts.

Unfortunately, the visit wasn’t particularly motivating as I couldn’t engage with many of the exhibits. However, I did connect with the work of David Salle whose striking compositions and pallet choices create large scale painted collages. Salle gains references from magazines, stock photographs and pornography to create sections of work within one border. The most successful aspect of his work is that the audience gains a new viewing experience when the angle of sight or distance is altered. When photographing Salle’s work, I saw new aspects through the screen of my phone which I didn’t recognise by the naked eye. It is also impressive that within each painting the audience can form their own opinions and narratives as the imagery is ambiguous. The artist doesn’t share too much information and blocks the audience from the reality. This in turn allows each abstracted and hidden detail to resonate in the mind as we try to place the content. Due to the layering present within the work, the artist’s process reminds me of my appliqued designs within the digital folklore outcome. Although the visual is painted as a while, it seems that there is physical layering of materials at some point within the experimentation and this could be something to consider within the experimentation stage of my project, as I could then layer up my Indian ink sketches to create the same disjointed effect.



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