Final Critique Comments

This final critique was one of my most successful feedback from both my tutor and fellow students. The most exciting part of showing my outcome was the positivity and interaction between people and the creatures. When I was explaining students wanted to sit and cuddle the outcome, perhaps without realising I had created elements of comfort which brought happiness to individuals. The feedback included suggestions of adult toys and larger installation pieces which immerse the viewer in a new imaginary world. I was commended on my abilities with textiles and the colour pallets of each creature. This is something that I was struggling with at the beginning of the year and I have now broken through the laziness of using black and white to become a colourist. I was also pleased with the comments on quality and craftsmanship of the outcome as I did struggle with the stuffing stage of the process as I felt a pressure to get the filling perfect. Ironically the main concern of mine was the transport of the creatures would ruin the finish of the work, however the stuffing seemed to settle and with others hugging the creatures, the animals seemed to gain personality. I feel that both the digital folklore and zoo projects have been excellent stepping stones to progress my style ready for the Final Major Project.


I have begun to consider starting points for the FMP so as I can work on research over the Easter holidays. At the moment I am brainstorming concepts such as food confusion, health and fitness or cyber bullying. These are all subjects which I could thoroughly research and reflect upon. My aim is to problem solve and replicate the comforts which I have brought through in past projects.

My Tutor’s comments;

“My feeling is that your head leads you to difficult subjects, your heart to positive solutions and your hand to beautifully crafted designs” Leigh Clarke


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