New Creatures

As my drawings were existing as singular parts of each animal I observed, I wanted to join these parts back together to create surrealist and playful work. The way that I approached this idea was to photocopy each image and invert some to change the negative space. I also altered the sizing of some to A3 to create a bigger outcome. These images were then cut around the main outline and placed into different categories. I realised that I had been drawing mainly the facial features or limbs of each animal, but I didn’t want to place the same section of the animals together in the new creatures. This is because I want the final illustration to have a sense of reality so as the viewer will still recognise the visual as being animalistic.  It was also important to match the drawings together so as the mark makings would flow from one part to another without any harsh changes.

The experiments were successful as the new animals gained a personality and run parallel with my concepts. These illustrations are an exaggerated reflection of the memories and observations that we take away from the zoo. As we only have access too distortions and sections of the animal, this means that we have a mish mash of different visuals in our heads which I am then placing together as one. The next step to the illustrations is to draw bigger sketches so as I can create larger creatures. I also want to consider a textile outcome which could be in the format of wall hangings or soft toys. Another idea was to name to characters and create a range of different animals based on people, for example the Beyoncé creature?



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