Zoo Brief Starting Points

Although there is a break within the Final Major Projects, I was keen to start the Zoo Brief so as not to lose momentum within my working process. The zoo brief is based on the research trip to ZSL London Zoo, and asked us to document what we saw, heard and thought throughout the day. I considered ideas, observations and opinions surrounding the zoo by visually recording the most interesting aspects in postcard format. I also took a range of photographs which I shall now use as reference when returning to the project.

To begin the project, I laid out the postcard drawings in grid format and drew in Indian ink from both these sketches and photographs. On the trip the main concept which concerned me we that one goes to the zoo with the intension of seeing the animals. This intension is rarely met because the animals are always slightly out of sight and only parts of the creature can be viewed. Furthermore, reflections from the glass and distortions from cages make it difficult to capture the true essence of the animal. I want to make this project a journey of curiosity and playfulness, by questioning the assumptions that everyone makes about an animal’s appearance. For example, you may only see the tail of a monkey from the viewpoint and then jump to the assumption that you know exactly what the animal looks like as you already know the vague appearance through the internet/information signs/books etc. Therefore, my ink sketches are an imaginative depiction of a part of an animal to challenge the realistic image which is fed to the viewers.


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