Clarifying Concepts

I have realised through the making stage of my outcome that my concepts have slightly altered and may now need clarification for the final presentation of this project.

A new topic of discussion in the media is the idea of mindfulness and looking after mental health as well as physical health. Although my project is not solely based on issues of mental health, ideas of digital environments feed into new ideas of well-being. My project is a reflection of my observation that we live in a spontaneous world where visuals are disposed of as quickly as they appear. The example I used were Snapchat stories, which disappear after a few seconds and the viewer cannot return to study the content. This shows that within the world of digital imagery we are in a constant state of flux where visuals cannot hold the same value as they can be deleted and changed. My outcome is a secluded space which counteracts the business of contemporary life, where the viewer is surrounded with fabrics rather than screens. The style is inspired by the Northern American Plains community who worshiped the land and told myths in order to teach morality. The illustrations are appliqued collages of Snapchat stories, which have been abstracted and restored within a more permanent medium. The Tepee itself is sacred in itself to the people of the Plains, however acts as a comfort and escape from the digital world of social media, where one can also accept textures again.

Baroness Susan Greenfield discussed the impact that screen technologies have on the human brain. According to Greenfield, todays screen technologies are altering the way that process information, the degree to which we take risks and how we socialise with others. Greenfield expresses her concern with living in a 2D world where we are only using hearing and vision to communicate. This is particularly worrying in young people as they haven’t had the chance to fully develop and rehearse real life experiences and are spending increasing amounts of time within a virtual world. Greenfield’s argument, although scientific in approach, highlights my main outcome for this project. I wanted to create space where one can spend time in a space which is free from digital medias, and focuses on traditional methods of communication and folklore.


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