Tutorial Discussions

This week’s tutorial was rather positive as the outcome was to continue developing my embroidery and textiles experiments towards an end piece. My original thoughts were to create a patchwork quilt as this is a traditional form of folklore and were often created from old scraps of fabric, similar to my concept to revive old and misplaced Snapchat messages. Through my tutorial is is clear that I need to continue researching artists such as Grayson Perry and his tapestry works. Furthermore, I shall take a research trip to The British Museum to study both the styles of drawing and understand the process of tapestry making.


The discussion moved from quilting to other more ambitious ideas such as installing parachutes or tepees with my embroidered designs onto the surface of the structures. The plan was to look to create fabric collages with only colourful materials (i.e. no blacks or whites) so as I could further improve my eye for colour and textures. This was a successful experiment as I was able to pick out the distinctive shapes of each original ink drawing, and then imagine the forms with colour and pattern. I grouped the old fabrics together in categories of colour so as it was easier to match each section. It was clear to see that my technical skills have advanced from my previous colour experiments, as there was very little puckering or machine mistakes made. After these experiments, I feel that I am now in a better position to start to look at parachute patterns, especially focusing on how I can add my collage onto the surface. There are silk parachuting fabrics which will allow for the structure to float, however when adding stitching and other materials this will bring a heaviness and may affect the flight of the piece. Another alternative may be to create a ceiling hanging which could combine all the individual textiles together as one. Displaying my illustrations from a height is also linked to the idea that there is a mysterious space within the world where these deleted photographs exist. This is based on visualising ‘ICloud’ and that I personally imagine these photographs are sent up into the sky or higher place.

Within the tutorial we also discussed sending a secret message to an audience. This could be through each abstraction being a representative of a letter in the alphabet and therefore giving a ‘hieroglyphic’ sense to my outcome. This may also be something to look at within the British museum so as I can fully understand the language system that the ancient Egyptians used.



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