Textile Developments

The next stage in my visual experiment was to add colour to my textile designs, to further develop the process that I learnt previously. My main intension was to add colour into my work in a simplistic manner in which each individual shape would have an element of colour present. I also placed colours and shapes together which broke down stereotypical expectation of the objects, so as to abstract the story even further from the original snapchat. For example, I chose two variations of purple to be present within the lightbulb image as this is opposite on the colour wheel to yellow (the obvious choice of colour for the ordinary bulb). Furthermore, I also layered translucent layers of oranges and pinks within the cloud imagery so as another shade could be created through the mixture of the main fabrics. This is something I wish to continue experimenting with as I could then expand my pallet of colours just through layering objects.

This way of working was inspired by the illustrator Andre Azevedo who combines both illustration, painting and embroidery stitching within one visual. Azevedo focuses on the human figure within his illustration by using continuous line stitching to create striking likenesses. This element of continuous line is something which I have developed through my initial experiments as it creates a flow and direction for the viewer to follow, but also loosens up the linear style. Azevedo also composes his work as a college of textiles and painting mediums so as the final outcome looks both fragmented and surrealist. The different drawings overlap in certain places so as to create relationships between the medium and the altered subject content. Other key features such as scale, colour choice and focus are also introduced to narratives.


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