Visual Brainstorm and Research

Starting the visual research of this project before the official term starts was important so as I could get a head start into my concept and approach the subject matter. Alongside practical research, I have also studied academic journal articles so as to increase my concept knowledge. The journal articles were helpful in highlighting a range of key words and themes, further creating other ideas to visualise.

These are the main examples which have carried through into my visual brainstorm;

Computer mediated communication is becoming more real than the reality of everyday life.

Aesthetics, language and communities

Storytellers and listeners exchanging knowledge and experiences

Dead users, profiles being left behind cause digital memorials

Performances online

Using weaving, knitting and embroidery work as a way of tradition communication and folklore storytelling

These ideas have fed through into my own discussion of aspects of digital culture. As mentioned in the previous post, the main focus of my interest is based around Snap Chat and the unique features of the social media site. I began by looking at Snap Chat filters as mythological creatures and how this has become a substitute for the loss of imagination in modern society. This then lead into the exploration of the messaging system in a more general sense in which a user can distribute content to multiple people at once. The most exclusive part of Snap Chat is the way that the messages disappear after a number of seconds which brings into question the usefulness of the communication system. I then responded to this idea by drawing my interpretations of visuals which I could only view for maximum 10 seconds. This has created a large range of abstract sketches which are largely nonsense as they have lost context. Another idea to consider is that Snap Chat may have a secret storage of imagery which many people think disappear and get deleted after being sent. This also runs parallel with other digital myths such as ICloud Storage and how it physically exists in the world. These are both applications which people place trust within, but do not fully understand how they operate.

Another concept to explore is Chain Mailing and Junk E-mails which intend to distribute messages to a wide audience. This mail has strong content full of persuasion techniques and scare tactics in order to encourage people to forward the message on to others. This has similar characteristics to that of traditional folklore in which a community intends to spread a warning or morals to others.

The next step in my research is to consider how to transform my original drawings to communicate my exploration. Also I intend to do some further research in the library with the reading list given and find other illustrators who use similar subject content.


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