Digital Folklore Starting Point

After the success of my previous project I was keen to keep up the momentum of my working process. I have found that if I start visualising my ideas before the project officially begins outside of term time this will give me a head start on both academic and visual research.

For the first section of the Final Major Project we had the choice of a briefs written by the tutors which would run for 6 weeks to work towards a final outcome. The brief that inspired my imagination is titled ‘Digital Folklore” which asks for an exploration into the evolution of folklore into the digital age. Traditionally stories, myths and legends were spread through word of mouth and often delivered lessons of morality and warnings against the dangers of the world. Today narratives are found within online communities and social media spaces. The question is where can these original stories be found within digital spaces, and are they relevant within modern society?

My starting point was to create a series of visuals based on Snap Chat filters which alter the user’s appearance. This changes every day to produce new characters and are a major part of the visual world we experience and modern technological innovation. I wanted to explore the importance of mythological creatures to morality and the similarities between Snap Chat usage and community story telling. A user can share a photograph or video footage to a number of other people and then the visual disappears after a few seconds. This is then a Chinese whispers effect as the physical image is no longer in existence and can only be retold through interpretation and memory. My drawing work is a reflection of these filters and the most distinctive aspects of form and pattern within the photographic outcome.



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