Printing My Final Outcome!

Printing my final outcome was unintentionally completed with two bursts of creativity. The first section of work (the first ten prints) followed the same guidelines as I set up through my research and experimentation stage. I laid out out my smaller photograms which were visually successful and begun to recreate them by placing the same negatives together on the larger page. The main problem that I encountered was placing them correctly onto the photographic paper as I wanted all the imagery to be central and balanced. This was particularly difficult as the negatives are opaque and therefore you need to assess by eye how much space you have either side of the main image and therefore where to place onto the photographic paper.

The second section of my outcomes (the final ten prints) became much more experimental and playful within my approach. I had reached a place where I had created a set of good prints which could be used within my final outcome, and therefore I could play around with more ‘risky’ compositions. For example, I begun a set of self-portraits in which I printed my own side profile onto the photographic paper. This allowed me to interact with the visuals, which was fitting as this has been such a personal project that I felt that I could really play around with the composition of my features and the drawing work. At the beginning I had also discarded some negatives which didn’t work as well within the initial experiments, but I began to bring them back into the outcomes so as I have a broader range of visuals to edit.

After I had created 20 prints, I then went up to the finishing room to trim around the dead edges of my prints. As I was using guides within the darkroom, some of the edges of the paper ended up white as they had got caught underneath the metal. I therefore decided to take off 5mm around each edge so as to create a perfect finish. This also got rid of any finger marks or handling creases when printing.

The next stage before the final critique next is to begin to choose how to present my outcomes to the group. I have got at least 15 usable prints, however I am looking to edit this down to roughly 10 in total. This will not necessarily feature the best visuals, but the ones which are consistent and flow to create a narrative. The way I am going to approach this is by picking out the prints which I think are the most successful compositionally and conceptually. I will then look at ordering them and seeing how they work within grid formats and as individuals.

Visuals are coming soon, keep your eyes peeled.

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