Animation Round 2

After the last experiment with After Effects, I wanted to make a larger impact on the audience through the addition of scale and transition between each image

I created a copy of the last file so as the format is similar in the way the image transitions though each heartbeat. However, I set out to create a stronger narrative through each image so as there would be a stage of confusion and then a defeat of the disease at the end of the animation. I started this process by organizing my hard copies into strong visuals which then link together to form a storyline. I also considered the time which each image would be shown for, so the imagery at the beginning of the sequence will appear for longer and therefore smaller type could be incorporated. By the end of the animation, the audience will only be able to see less than a second of the image and therefore the images must be bolder and stronger in concept. The loose structure of the narrative begins with the gluten bullying me without me fully understanding what is happening. This then moves into the gastroscopy and diagnosis process through to an exploration of the thoughts which follow from a dramatic change of lifestyle. I wanted the end of the animation to be a celebration of the defeat over gluten and how the positives outweigh the negatives to my health and well-being.

With the last experiment, the focus was on the white imagery fading in and out of the dark background, but this time I also wanted zoomed in sections to highlight certain aspects of the animation. I started by adding key frames so as in the middle of each frame the image would be increased and then would shrink back down to the normal size. I then experimented with the image shrinking through play, and I began to discover that if I alternated between zooming in and zooming out that I could replicate the movement of heartbeat. The thought was for the animation to become crazier throughout the duration, and I feel that this could be further achieved through higher extremes of scale, but also playing with rotation and movement through the frame. To gain this effect I need to find the right balance between repetition and craziness so as I can have a bold animation without leaving the viewer confused.



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