Experimenting With Animation

This week’s work comprised of creating a short animated sequence which would present my inverted paintings in a moving image format.

I began by selecting a range of imagery from the photographs which I took within the flat copy room. This is a way of photographing work for a portfolio as the camera is set directly above the subject and lit from either side. This creates a high quality image which can then be placed in Photoshop to edit further and manipulate the colors. My imagery is black and white in color and therefore when inverted it creates a mysterious dark background which allows for drama and depth to be present. The rationale for my animation was to have each image pulsating to the sound of a human heartbeat, whilst white imagery fades in and out of the black background. This would then become faster as the animation continues, so as the white imagery flashes at the viewer in an abrupt manner by the end of the sequence.

I started by editing all my images so each color level was exactly the same, so as when moving from each frame there will be no difference in shade. I started by placing each image separately into Adobe After Effects, followed by a sound track of a heart beating. The heart beat steadily gets faster until after 40 seconds the beat stops and there is a sudden realization that the whole sequence represents life in its simplest form. I wanted the images to fade in and out with each heartbeat, which meant timing was important so as each image flowed throughout the piece. To ensure this, I widened the timeline in After Effects and found the section which would show the sound waves. I could then move the pointer so as each image was placed at the exact point the sound wave rose vertically.


Although I think this is a successful experiment, I want to take the animation further and play with scale and sharper transitions between imagery. I feel it is necessary to reflect the pace of the movement with wilder imagery and arrange the content so as there is a stronger narrative. An element that I also want to play with is the fade away at the end. I feel like that is a crucial frame which holds the viewer’s attention, however there needs to be a stronger image, such as the “gluten freak”, or “no more tears” which will allow for the message to resonate in the viewer’s mind.

Any comments or improvements would be greatly appreciated:)

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