Stepping Stones

The next step in my project is to now experiment with my process and how to present/combine my drawing work. I have found myself in a positon where I can now stop drawing as I have found a clear strong message to present. The question is how to do so?

My first experiment was to invert all my A3 paintings on the photocopier (so as the blacks and whites of the image are reversed) and to then place these in a grid formation. There is something completely satisfying when inverting imagery, especially as the final image comes as a surprise. The copies are striking due to the fact that it is not what the viewer expects and some of the mark makings seem almost ghostly emerging from the darkened background. These copies seem to be a body of work within themselves but it is necessary to take them one step further. I have experimented with placing the series into aftereffects so as to show the viewer each thought as they came to me. Currently I have placed the animation alongside a heart beat in which each frame changes as the heart beat sounds. This is a way of keeping the viewer’s attention, but the heartbeat is inherent to body functioning. There is a length to the sound of the heart beat which directly relates back to the length of coeliac disease, but also that it is an ordinary sound to hear, meaning that I have become to view being coeliac as a norm. I want to further play with fading effects to see if I can create a pulse within the imagery rather than just a blunt transition.

img_9894invertimg_9903invertimg_9922invertimg_4806Other processes to experiment with include large scale printing at A0 size. It is particularly important to consider scale as this will be what projects my message and how people will view its importance. The aspect to the careful with is the resolution of the imagery so as to not compromise the quality of the final finish. Furthermore, I intend to screen print some paintings so as I can re-introduce color into my work. It would be interesting to print onto mirror board so as the final image will show a degree of reflection. But also to consider colors such as gold and the power that comes with the visual.

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