Creating Narratives

My next step in my studio practice was to repeat the previous bingo workshop with a little bit more time and thought placed within the visuals. I find that although there is a really great atmosphere within the university studio environment and you can share ideas with like-minded people, but I can get easily distracted. I love to be within my own bubble, this is where all my weird and wonderful thoughts arise from.

Thereforeeeeeeee I shut myself away in the dining room, took over the table and just experimented with small storytelling visuals of thoughts which popped into my brain. In previous years I was getting bogged down with research and contextualizing my imagery, which left me with little inspiration as to how to actually portray my ideas in a visual style. However, this year I am going a lot of my research and process in a parallel manner. I have got into the system of just doing and making work, it doesn’t matter because everyone makes mistakes. So, I laid out all my blank postcards that I had spare (drawing on quality paper is always uplifting as well) and drew for the best part of three hours. I started by looking at my journey through the coeliac diagnostic stage and begun to visualize the involvement of the blood tests, gastroscopy and then the dietitian’s appointments which were all new and strange experiences to me at the tim! It then turned into other weird and wonderful thoughts about red blood cells, folic acid and whether other animals suffer from similar problems. Even now as I am typing I can think of more and more ideas I need to visualize!

The amazing thing about this session was that although all the drawings are individual, I began to create a narrative through my thought process which I believe that others in a similar position will relate to. I have never really had much luck with a narrative before, however by taking the mickey out of all thing coeliac and making light of the situation it has both helped me to come to terms with my dietary needs, but may also inspired others to be creatively playful with their ideas(I hope).



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