Yep We Played Bingo At Uni…

Today workshop was a cure for procrastination. A way of continually working to produce ideas quickly. But most importantly a way of zoning out from the world.

I have spoken before about gridding my work and allowing the eye to see all ideas at once (this is what my previous exhibition piece was based around). However today the tutors organized a bingo session, where we had 30 empty white pages in front of us that we were to fill within 1&30 minutes. We numbered each of the page, and we were to swap in and out of each page when their number was called. This meant that each drawing was not always finished before moving on and allowed you to really spill out all thoughts onto paper (quite refreshing if you ask me).

It is key to point out that these were not my best drawings, HOWEVER they are full of content, spontaneity and fun which is sometimes rather difficult to find when you are working under project pressure. I am also looking to apply the same content to my thesis session tomorrow, where I am going to lie all my research in front of me and group each piece together so as I get a real sense of where I am and where I need to be.

My plans for myself initiated project still lie within the realms of a publications which can be based on interaction, but there are other ideas I would like to pursue, such as using gluten within the process. This can either be through printing, or actual baking… I think I may try both and see what happens!



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