My Starting Points For The Self Initiated Project

The way that I have started off my self initiated project by spending time in the darkroom composing some some of the doodle drawings which I created over the summer. This is a really productive way of creating visuals, but also gives you space away from the normal studio environment to have a good think. The main reason I love the darkroom is that is allows me to focus in on how I can combine my individual images together into interesting and more abstract visuals. You are also able to create a large amount of work in a small space of time (which is never a bad thing!) This year however I had to use the old fashioned way of processing my exposed prints due to the shortcut machine being broken. Although this was more time consuming, it allowed for me to go back and understand the basics of photogramming (not sure if I have just made up another word). I also love to place these images into Photoshop to edit and invert, it will allow for all the watermarks and imperfections to be highlighted!

After my session in the darkroom, I went to the gym which is where I also do some really good brainstorming! My brain was flying and I was having a peek at Instagram where I found the artist Anastasia Tasou ( She is an artist who has created interactive positivity books which contain both her own advice but also a way in which the reader/ do-er can bring out their own positivity. This is super inspiring to me and I may actually have to purchase a book myself, BUT I am now thinking that I could take this idea and turn it into a pocket sized “I feel crap because I have been glutenated book”. I really want to get my ideas out to the world and try and help those that may be struggling, like me! I have mapped out a variety of pages, such as a rage page where you can just take all your anger on the poor paper, also a coloring page where you can colour in my own expressions. This can also turn into a loo book, cause when a coeliac has eaten gluten, trust me the toilet is your new best friend! But to make this a reality I need to have a look at other interactive and humourous book that work along the same lines as my own. There is also a hell of a lot of technical issues that I need to consider, for example hard back book binding so as people can use the product on the go rather than being restricted to a desk. Other books that I have found is Wreck a Journal  by Keri Smith (, which I am going to have a look at over the weekend. This journal was a craze a few years ago, but it asks the owener to make mistakes, mess and destruction to free the restirctions of ordinary journal making. Also Happy Jackson ( ) is a stationary company who have rally cool and humourous sligans which is along the same format as I woukd like to play with in my project. They also use a handwritten/ casual font which is something I want to definitely adopt on my page.

I have also thought about branching away from this one idea, into a book about being on the fodmap diet which I have also tried to follow/failed to follow. But also to hot water bottle covers, pillows and blankets- comfort products which are essential for coeliac living!

Photographs of my progress are coming (I just wasn’t organized enough to bring along my USB lead today!)

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