Quick First Day Back Catch Up

Apologies for the break in posts over the summer, there is really no excuse but I am back on track for the final year of my Illustration and Visual Media course at London Collage of Communication, University of the Arts London.

For starters, this term we are working on a self initiated project which is purely driven by our personal interests. Naturally I am basing my body of work on my Coeliac disease at it is something which is part of who I am (fortunately or unfortunately) and I have been working on visuals throughout the summer. For those who don’t know, to save you googling away, Coeliac Disease is “a disease in which the small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, leading to difficulty in digesting food”. This means that I follow a strict gluten free diet, so no food containing wheat, rye, barley, malt or traces of. Unfortunately Coeliacs also have to be extremely careful with cross contamination of gluten, in other words I have my own toaster, freezer, cupboards and spreads. The most frequently asked question is what on earth happens to you when you eat gluten? It is not like a nut allergy where you have a life threatening attack, I just feel pretty dam rubbish the next day as my body flushes out all the gluten and cannot absorb any nutrients.

Anyway, enough of the jibber jabber

My self initiated project started off life as me trying to express the feeling of being glutenated (real word I promise). I really wanted to express how harmful a tiny crumb of wheat can really be to my health in a visual manner. It is interesting to express something that effects you so much in day to day activity , and somewhat controls your life, but something that you cannot physically see. Most of my summer doodles were drawn when I was having a rough day and so are imaginatively accurate to my situation.

I want to pair these collections of drawings, with my love of pattern making, surface design and interiors to create a product which may well help those struggling to express how they feel. However the plan at present is to get making and start experimenting with different processes which may well allow for a stronger sense of communication within my work. I have been placed into Leigh Clarke’s tutorial group for the term , such an inspirational man, who said that we need to get our heads, hearts and hands all working at the same time.

This is exactly what I am wanting to achieve at the moment.

I have also set up a new Instagram account purely for my illustration ,give me a follow if you are interested https://www.instagram.com/bethanrubyillustration/img_6089img_5862



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