Shop Window Documentary

Please find below the moving image piece which documents the installation of our shop window project. The footage was filmed by myself and then edited by Katie Grimes to make it something magical which really tells the story of the whole experience. The piece was filmed in a causal manner as we didn’t want anything too staged for such a whimsical and homely atmosphere. The film features close up shots of the details of the display, but also aspects in which passerby would appreciate.

Let us know if you have any feedback or comments on the window design!


Stop Motion Animation Final Submission

This has been such a new adventure which was daunting at first but I have actually thoroughly enjoyed in the end! I chose to create a stop motion animation, not only because it is a good starting point technically, but I feel that it relates to the way in which I have created the body of work for this project in general. This project has really allowed me to figure out my creative style and navigate around the different workshops which the university has to offer. A large amount of my work is based around experiments in the darkroom, which means layering acetate images on top of one another. This is where I thought that a stop motion would suit the images that I wanted to display as I am able to move and experiment with the imagery in the same way as I did in the workshops. This final movie is a mix of both new footage and footage which I had filmed previously. The main inspiration behind the film was for my workspace to come alive with confusion but also opportunity. I wanted the viewer to have an insight into the way that my mind works when I am creating imagery, looking in particular in overlaying, movement and pattern making.

Actually photographing the film was the easy part of this assignment as I had to work with a program which I am not completely familiar with. My previous experiments were created on IMovie which is rather simple to use, but I couldn’t successfully change any color or zoom into sections where errors were made. Therefore, I needed to use Adobe After effects which is a more complex program to say the least! It took quite a few trial and error experiments to gain a full movie but now I have an understanding of how to use footage with time and how to add different effects to each individual section. My original plan was to use a piece of music which I like to listen to whilst I work, however it was more important that I could upload it to YouTube without them bouncing it back due to copy right issues. Therefore, I got my music from Ben Sound which is a free downloadable, but it is quite sweet and fits with the fast pace of my moving image piece.

Watch this space, more stop motions are to come from this illustrator!