Smash Bang Wallop Test Day

IMG_4954IMG_4953IMG_4952Today we went over to crystal palace to place some test designs in Smash Bang Wallop’s window so as we had a good idea of which patterns work well together and the size that the cut out sections need to be. Of course the mock up pieces that we tested were on standard A1 and lining paper, but the material worked better than we had hoped! We were originally thinking that we would need to fix both the top and bottom of the panels to a hard surface, but the weight of the paper allowed the piece to fall without curling. Katie’s experiments created the best impact as they were two meter in length meaning that we got an accurate idea of how the final back drops will look like when installed. We decided to have three panels on the left hand side window which will overlap slightly. These will be made up of different cut of shapes inspired by both dinosaur skin and crystal palace itself. Although these are very different in nature, the geometric and organic lines complement each together to create an atmosphere which is reminiscent of the area’s heritage. The arched window will also have one panel which will spread across the whole space. This will be cut in the same way as the left hand side window so as the whole display and work together as one. This is yet to be discussed in full, but there may also be a possibility of placing another panel slightly in front to gain a similar overlapped section.

As a team we were concerned that the back drops would restrict the natural light entering into the shop, meaning that the interior would be darkened. However, the Tyvek that we have chosen to cut from has a slight translucency which means that when the light is shone onto the material, the fibers in the paper are highlighted and some light can pass through. As we have seen the pattern up within the space we now have the opportunity to develop our design work. We now know that the cut outs do allow for a passerby to view the interior of the shop, meaning as well as having larger negative space, we can form more intricate cuts.

Overall it was a successful trip, meaning that we can now figure out the technical issues such as how we will hang the paper from the ceiling+ we now have an extended deadline which is always a bonus!

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