Wake Up Call Stress


The Wake Up call brief is something which seems to be happening in the background at the moment however this is a project which I need to get more involved with as we approach our second deadline. Print club on a Wednesday is a way of advancing our knowledge of the printing facilities on offer at the university. I am trying my best to become more involved with these different processes so as my practice isn’t just contained within my pencil case and comes as a result of using these traditional methods in my own way with my own content. Print club has made me understand that printing methods and concept do not run separately as taught in workshops but the methodology is a major part of the success of an image. The basis of my Wake Up call project is to look at the secrets within old London architecture and to find those details which are often missed through the hassle and bustle of the crowds on the street. I also want to look into the stories behind each carving and statue as there is so much beneath the surface that we do not fully appreciate when passing by. The image which I am obsessing over slightly at the moment is the stone carving which is above street level on oxford circus. The image contains a cherub figure as part of an empty mirror. It seems slightly un easy to have a mirror facing out to one of the busiest junctions in London, but without any reflection or expression on the figures face. I have tried to research into the motive behind the symbol however there doesn’t seem to be any information (if anyone reading knows please comment!). Anyway, my intension is to make people be more observant to their surrounding as I bet only a small percentage of the people shopping in the district could even place the carving. Therefore, I am making printings on a large scale and creating repetitions to emphasize the importance of these details. I have experimented with lino cutting as the essence of cutting away into a material allows me to understand how the stone statues were originally made. It also allows me to look at a new style of working in which I can layer and repeat imagery easily.

The Lino that I had bought from the college shop caused me a few problems trying to get a clean print and therefore I am going to repeat this process with smaller tools to get a higher level of detail, but to also try a woodcut as I will gain a print of the wood grain along with my indented markings.


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