Update on Smash Bang Wallop Window Display

In order to visualize how our designs will look in the shop window I have made a small model with cut out representations of the window space. This meant that I could place and layer all my designs on a smaller scale before cutting larger samples for the actual installation. This also made me realize that the orange and blue acetate experiments blended into the background and were not as effective as I had once hoped. The only way that they could be used is by layering white shapes behind to allow for a base color. Coming from these experiments, I believe that the way forward is to pitch paper cut outs as we could have a range of these falling within the depth of the window. Although the acetate was successful on a smaller scale, the only way we can realistically use these is by creating a series of window stickers. This could create something which is quite confrontational and may confuse the audience when trying to view the promoted products. A further problem is the reflective surface of acetate along with the window glass, this could be a problem when trying to see through to the shop but to also see the drawn stencils on the surface.

We had a meeting with Liz the shop owner on Tuesday lunch time to discuss and share our ideas. Our group has been working separately to generate a wide range of ideas which we could then combine or let the shop owner pick the most suited to her brand. It was interesting to see that we had a lot of ideas in common as we had all used the history of crystal palace as a main starting point. All our experiments included cut out sections which seems to be the direction we are intending to go. Liz preferred the organic shapes of the dinosaur skin rather than the geometric of the crystal palace. She explained that although geometric lines are trending right now she believes that the organic shapes are more interesting and fit with the essence of the shop to a greater extent. As we met at Morley College this meant that we also got the opinion of her tutor and some useful technical tips. If we are going to create large window hangings with cut out areas, there needs to be support at the top and bottom of the piece so as the material doesn’t bow in the center. We were also introduced to a new material, Tyvek, which bubbles when heated. This bubble is similar in nature to that of the dinosaur skins I was originally inspired by. The material is used in construction sites, and therefore is extremely sturdy and will hang straight even when part of the surface is cut away. The plan is to have Tyvek as the main material and to bubble this is some places, and to cut out the organic shapes in other areas. The material has a slight translucency in which you can see the fibers of the paper. This will give an extra effect when the light shines on the surface and could create patterns on the inside of the shop is the light is intense. We also want to add Harrys illustration on certain areas of the hangings so as there is a narrative within the display. The products of Smash Bang Wallop will sit in between and behind the series of hangings in which only certain parts will be revealed to the passersby.

Please excuse the quality of the images below! if you have any ideas which may help us further please leave a comment below, Thank You!



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