Animation Experiments

As part of the ‘Wake Up Call’ outcome requirements I have to create a 1-3 minute moving image piece which will act as a creative portrayal of my progression throughout this project. As this is something that I have zero experience with, I am starting from scratch and beginning to understand the essence of storyboarding and breaking down an animation into simple frames. I am looking to create a stop motion animation which is where the entire film is created by individual photographs which come to life by elements being physically moved throughout. The key here is to keep the story simple and clean so as the overall clip doesn’t become too confusing to follow. I have started my experiments on iMovie, which I am looking to branch into Adobe After effects as this will enable me to be more precise with the colouring and timings.

My first experiment actually had nothing to do with the themes I am looking to include in the final film, as I just wanted to get to grips with the step by step motion which I need to adopt. What I mean by this is that with stop motion you have to move the object every time you take a photograph and the slower you move these will be the smoother the picture will run. I felt it necessary to try this out before using my illustration as I can then learn through a very simple sequence rather than jumping into the deep end. Unfortunately, I am unable to post the videos onto this blog at the moment for technical reasons, but the first animation had a series of nail varnish bottles entering into the frame. Some turned or messed with the order of the line, which gave me the idea of elements work with but also against each other. I want each object to have their own personality, ones which people warm to and ones which have a dominating character. Furthermore, as the basis of my work has come from photograms, I want to include layering and positive and negative imagery (whether this be literal or metaphorical). This lead me to my second animation of the day, starting to gather materials which I already have and place them together in motion. This includes my drawings and simple rotations and I have even started to draw on sections, but this needs to be slightly more dramatic to increase the impact. These initial experiments have settled my mind as I now know that I am physically able to create some sort of animation to hand in! Now my thoughts need to turn to the storyboard what I actually want to say to the audience. I know that I want there to be an element of typography and maybe speech bubbles as I feel like this needs to be an honest representation of the way which I think and come up with my ideas.


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