Starting Thoughts On Window Design Project

The new project to start this term is once again a group project involving three dimensional design aspects. For the final term there was a choice of three different briefs, which meant that we could choose the subject which would suit our future interests and style of work ethic. The task is to create at least one shop window display for an outside company which we have to source ourselves and enhance our entrepreneurial skills. This has always been something which has greatly interested me as I love to create something from nothing and advertisement is an area in which I would like to explore in my future career paths. This was also a brief which is group based with a professional collaboration, giving the opportunity to make key contacts within different industries. This is somewhat similar to the QBE reception installation which I completed last term, however this project is something that we need to fight for a little more as the company is not given to us on a plate and we have to consider the type of work we are looking to achieve.

My research started with a little google search to get inspired by the high end window designs in Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason. The examples which follow the search are incredible and go beyond the basics of advertisement, demanding attention from the audience whilst expressing lifestyle ideals. As a group we already decided that we want to work with a book shop as they are often independently run and have a great vintage quality which can be enriched through our illustration. Also from research on how to create a successful window display each article discusses the need for a strong story within the design, and of course this would feed from the stories which the shop owners intend to  promote. It was also interesting to look at tips from bloggers as to how to place elements within a frame. Although we want the overall visual to invite the viewer into a different world, there are strict boundaries space wise which we have to consider. One article said that it is imperative to look at the window display as a blank canvas and to identify where  eye level falls. This is where the main focal point of the display should sit, but should also be considered from the other side of the street. A window display should be bold and dynamic however this needs to be kept simple as a cluttered frame could lead to confusion but also anxiety subconsciously. The image should be balanced and not top heavy as the story should not only be clear, but it should be aesthetically pleasing. All these details are just as important as the illustrative elements, and it was lovely to hear that one shop keeper had created a window display with under £100 as the funds are not something which we are provided with.

Below are some visuals which have inspired my thought processUnknownUnknown-7Unknown-6Unknown-5Unknown-4Unknown-3bookshopUnknown-160d10d18c07f26d7bcf587e86be96296

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