Thesis Proposal Starting Thoughts

The aim of this next term of theory lessons is to find an area of study which will then become a thesis proposal. A thesis is slightly different to a regular dissertation as although it relies on an independent research base, it asks you for your own personal place within the subject matter. The purpose of the body of work is to create something with a new and interesting angle which is subsequently informed by in depth research. This is therefore more than just relaying the facts and figures which can be found, but to also analyse and present an argument which could well be controversial. 

This is of course a rather daunting task as over the next few weeks I have to come up with a subject matter and question which I am passionate about enough to spend time researching into. My initial thoughts were to try and incorporate my aspirations for the future within my writing, and therefore focus my attention to either interior design or fashion based studies. This could come in the form of the theory of a certain interior design such as the work of Gaudi on space and structure, but also considering pattern work. Although this is something which greatly interests me I cannot see this being condensed into an answerable question. Therefore, I want to touch on the topic of fashion illustration, which I studied briefly in the first year. Although I did actually write a lengthy essay on the deminsihing world of fashion illustration, I only lightly stretched the surface of the issues withing the industry. My main interest is the connection between fashion illustration and body image. It is fair to argue that when you imagine a typical fashion illustration, the figure will have a tiny waist and exaggerated limbs which just do not seem to be in proportion. A campaign by star models, a Brazilian modelling agency, has made this point loud and clear by manipulating their models into a body shape which resembles an original fashion illustration. It is then clear too see that these illustrations promote a disgustingly unhealthy ideal in which when scientifically calculated would mean that a girl would not be able to survive in real life. This seems to be a starting point to my thought process and could lead into discussions regarding why fashion illustration is so unpopular now, but also in relation to Barbie dolls and the traditional ideas of the perfect women. For research purposes I am going to try and get into contact with fashion illustrators and see what their personal views are surrounding this issue, but also look in the university’s extensive Vogue collection to pin point any concerning areas.


If any of you have any further ideas, please leave a comment below, anything would be greatly helpful!


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