Printing On Textiles

Printing on textiles is something which I have always been interesting in; I have always got an eye open for the latest fashion prints and trends. It seemed that it was a natural path for me to follow with my photograms as I have a new found curiosity in creating three dimensional works. This also branches from a need to create something which is more than just a fine art visual, I want to create work which is functional and could fit into the commercial environment. My plan was to start looking at repeat pattern making through silk screen printing, however this fell flat as the end of last term was devoted to the collaboration project. As the end of term came too quickly and I now have no access to the technicians help and the facilities themselves, so this will be carried out as soon as possible in the next term. However I didn’t want this craving to produce textile goods to fade! So I simply used boots photo printing to create some cushions which could sit on my new bed covers-plus there was an offer on! I stupidly didn’t think too much about the fact that some of the image will be lost at the edge as the fabric curves, however I now know that there needs to be negative space surrounding the main focal point. The first image that I sent through seemed to be black and white on my screen but was obviously not pure greyscale in the pixels meaning that the image was printed in a sepia tone. I complained a little to Boots as I had nothing to loose as the cushion was still a really good experiment, but I got another product credited to my account. This meant that I was lucky and got another chance to print a different image, ensuring that there were no underlying colours hidden and so the cushion would be full black and white.  I was initially worried about the images being blown to such a scale, even though I had saved to the highest quality I didn’t want my prints to be of a low quality on the cushion. The lines are not entirely sharp and seem to be slightly blurred however this was actually a bonus as the fabric has suede finish as complements a softer focus.  All in all a very useful experiment and lots of mistakes to be learnt from, also a perfect edition to my room!DSC_0207


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