Continuing With ‘Wake Up Call’…

As a starting point to creating my own visuals I am using my photographs that I took from my trips around Oxford Street and Chelsea. I started off on the Fulham Road with Colefax and Fowler (an interior design company who I have done some work for before) and then wondered through to the Kings Road and the Saatchi Gallery. Chelsea is such a beautiful ornate place with lots of small beauties on the streets which are taken for granted. For example I loved the way that each house is slightly different and part of the owners personalities shine through. Therefore it only seems fitting to create my compositions out of each of the interesting objects and details that I obsess over.


I illustrated each photograph in my normal style with pen and ink on cartridge paper. I always find that I want to create interesting compositional work and be experimental with my style but this is so hard to do when you are at home and the facilities are obviously limited. Therefore I printed all of my visuals onto acetate so as I could overlay them and create repeats. I planned just to use these in the darkroom to create photogram’s however this always creates a negative image because the blocked areas from the light sensitive paper is the area which stays white. Therefore I decided to experiment with my photocopier at home creating some arrangements and seeing which illustrations complimented each other. I feel that these designs embody the hidden details from such iconic areas and hopefully reflect on the lifestyle with a little bit of a twist.

Stay tune for my dark room experiments!


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