Gathering Inspiration On Oxford Street

Wake Up Call is a new project I have been working on, and it all about professionalism and finding who we want to be as a practitioner. Therefore there are boundaries to what we can produce, the real question is, where do I start?

My work so far hasn’t branched further than paper surfaces, therefore I want to brake this habit and start making something more practical which is more than just an image. How I plan to do this is by creating my own clothing line with illustrations within the designs. I am always drawn to patterns and bold graphic designs within fashion, and here I have the opportunity to but my passion into my own work.

I have thrown around a few ideas of subject matter and contacted companies such a Pocket London to enquire about their inspirations for their clothing. My main thought at the moment is to have a series of designs based on the finer details of the London shopping districts. I want the imagery to feature small beautiful details which get lost in the surroundings and crowds of people. For example, when was the last time you looked at the architecture above the high-street shops on oxford street? There are some beautiful and traditional stonework which are never noticed due to the bright lights of the contemporary stores.

Window shopping in Selfridges is also an amazing way to get inspired and motivated. The creativity of the designers they represent is just outstanding, especially in the denim suite. Some of my favourite brands were Widfox, Forte Couture, Etre Cecile, Au Jar Le Jour and Kuccica-check them all out you will be amazed! These designers all have elements of illustration within their work and I intend to combine the bright colours, icons, slogans and pattern into my own visuals. I also visited Urban Outiftters and Topshop expecting some ideas to come to me, however I was completely disappointed after my trip to Selfridges. I think this is because Selfridges is obviously high fashion and full of designers which strive to create unique looks which do not have to fit the needs of the general public. Although some of Topshop’s collection (especially the brands in the basement) are quirky and interesting visually, these are copies from the brands shown in Selfridges. It is best to get inspiration from the leaders in fashion design , rather than the toned down versions we see in normal high-street shops.

Please see my next post for my inspiration photographs.




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