Presenting To QBE

Today was the BIG day where we had to go as a group down to QBE Insurance on Fenchurch Street to pitch to the client our design proposal-apprentice style. As a team we decided to create smaller versions of the spheres that we intend to use in our structure, so as they would be able to further visualize our idea and how it would look in their new reception foyer. We also printer some flyers featuring our most successful illustrations and the 100 proposal on the back which reads…

Our idea is to create a sphere around 1.5 metres in height, made of clear acrylic. This will represent ‘the world’ of QBE, this will then encase 38 smaller spheres, each one representing a country in which QBE has offices. Each of the smaller spheres will then contain an air plant.

The reason that we wanted to work with plants is because of their growth, this will echo the growth of QBE as a large company, an element that we were keen to include in our piece. We also feel that the organic shape of the piece and the plants will juxtapose the straight lines and interior of the new foyer perfectly.

The presentation went as well as I had hoped, with us being able to fully describe our idea to them without confusion! We also went into detail, mentioning how we are already contacting suppliers in reference to the large acrylic sphere and sourcing the cheapest air plants. We also left one of the air plants for the company to keep so as they will remember our team, and also be able to test the air plants at home! Now we have to wait to see if we are lucky enough to get commissioned for the foyer, fingers crossed!



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