My Illustrations For NOTW

As I have mentioned before , I created illustrations which were inspired by each issue mentioned in the Blackfish documentary film. Here are a few of my most successful imagery, alongside a test piece where I could experiment with how the images will appear when printed on the correct papers. The illustrations are simple line drawings which are clear and easy to interpret, and able to tell the story without the use of text. For example the drawing of Dawn Brancheau (the lady who tragically lost her life whilst training Tilikum) has also got Orca markings above her eye just like the whale which attacks her. This was to show that although the trainers believe that they have control over this animal, they are mistaken as they are intelligent powerful creatures who are able to overcome us and defend their freedom.

As you can see I have also created a small blue icon in which I intend to have one each page so as the reader can follow the image and understand my line of thought. This icon has been based on the Sea World logo, as although this publication has been heavily based on this amusement park I intend the reader to figure this out themselves as they move through the publication. In other words, they start off not knowing anything about the story, and finish with a full understanding of the issues within the park (without me directly relaying them).

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