Book Binding My Final Publication For NOTW

Book binding is something which always terrifies me as it is the last stage of making a publication, however if you get it wrong you have to start all over again! My initial plan was to perfectly bind A3 sheets together with a larger sheet of paper to wrap around the main pages making up the front and back covers. However when I went to the workshop to ask for advice the staff told me that because I didn’t have enough pages the glue wouldn’t hold my card together. Therefore I did a cheat way of binding my book were the finished publication appears perfectly bound, but was achieved in a fifth of the time!

Firstly the pages inside the publication (including the end pages) were held together along the left hand side would be using a staple machine. The next stage was to use a hammer and some scrap paper to make sure the staples were smooth along the surface of the paper, so as they would not show through the front cover. Meanwhile the member of staff helped to use the guillotine to cut and fold the front cover into shape. It is key that you have a piece of paper bigger (I used A1 of the same recycled card) than your main pages as you need to leave space for a spine.

I know the images are not the best demonstration , however the first photograph was when I had slotted the pages inside of the sleeve ready to glue together. There is two strips of paper on the front and back of the cover (seen in the second image) which needed to be glued straight onto my first end sheet, so as the strength in not jut reliant on the spine of the book. This was done with PVA glue as the adhesive drys quickly and is easy to maneuver into place when slightly tacky. The final stage was to just trim the edges of the book with the guillotine so as all of the pages align perfectly , giving a professional finish.

The images of my final publication will be posted as soon as possible, I promise!

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