Creating My Publication for NOTW

Within my outcome I wanted to take the reader on the same revelation as I had experienced through my research. I have taken issues involving  the captivity of Orcas mentioned in Blackfish the documentary film, and created single illustrations to represent each one. I intend to reveal to the reader something new as they turn the pages, something that they didn’t know or expect at the beginning of the book. My publication is therefore going to be image based and minimalist with a large use of negative space. This will allow the reader to just focus on the detailed illustrations and not get distracted by other design work. I was originally going to present this as a children’s book with a character who mimics me as a child, however I felt that the book didn’t need this element and can best tell the story on its own. My publication with also be based around cut outs, where I can restrict and control which illustrations the reader sees on each page. I have designed these cuts outs to be in the shape of the Orca’s markings, also I want the images to change over time as the readers knowledge becomes clearer.

Below is my initial mock up publication, however the final publication will be A3 in size and be on black paper instead of white. Apologies for the pixelated photography, I guess the Iphone camera inst as good as I thought it was!




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