Starting our Collaboration Project for QBE Insurance

Starting our collaboration project was somewhat daunting as this was a new opportunity which was somewhat out of our comfort zone. We decided as a group to brainstorm separately to begin with and then join our ideas together when we met. I started off looking at what I knew that the company wanted from the final design. The final structure needed to be modern and dynamic, representative of the company and include references to the growth of QBE as an international company. The main idea which we came up with very quickly after was to have a glass spheres with air plants contained within. Air plants are a rather peculiar type of plant which can survive from very little water and no soil what so ever-and so are perfect for an office environment. The idea was to have 38 air plants to represent each country which QBE operates within. The fact that the clients and staff of QBE could watch the plants evolve over time would also add an interactive element which is key to the success of an art installation. The presence of nature will also show the bond between the countries and the way that QBE can work as one company across waters. It was then my ideas to contain these smaller spheres into one giant glass sphere which would then encapsulate the smaller forms.

Please see below our initial brain storms and sketches visualizing our ideas.


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