Inspiration for QBE Project

Found below is some of the visual inspiration behind the main idea we are proposing for the art installation into the new QBE reception foyer. The mood boards which the client gave us was really helpful in designing something which would not only be a conversation starter for users of the space, but would also become part of the whole experience. As you can see we were particularly struck by lighting elements, natural forms, and organic shapes. Another point of inspiration for us was the Remembrance Poppy installation at the Tower of London. This was something which captured the nation and brought together small individual items together as a whole.

I also visited 100% Design in the summer break from University which also sparked ideas which contributed to our final proposal. This design exhibition was particularly helpful when thinking about high end and bespoke design as it featured designers who worked in similar ways to a fine artist-using concepts to drive forward the visuals. The geometric and organic shapes presented in harmony was something that seemed to be a trend throughout the displays.



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