Katniss Everdeen as a Fashion Icon

We were asked in this weeks lecture to find a costume from a film which resonates in our mind and is something which has been of an inspiration to us personally. The costume design from the Hunger Games trilogy has always been something I admired. The power of clothes in order to describe the change in character is particularly evident here as Katniss changes from an innocent girl into someone who revolts against the capitol. Judianna Makovsky is the costume designer for the film and found her inspiration from North American artefacts and coal mining industries. Furthermore the colours used on the costume are dim and dull due to the fact that coal always leaves a black dust behind it, therefore nothing in the coal mining district could be completely vibrant. The Hunger games have become part of teenage culture, and Jenifer Lawrence somewhat of a fashion icon. It is therefore necessary to understand how this has influenced the way teens now express themselves. An example of this would be to look at the hair braid that Katniss is famous for and then link this back to the amount of braiding we can now see in fashion magazines.


Molly Creeden (2012) Dressing the Hunger Games: costume designer Judianna Makovsky http://www.vogue.com/873551/dressing-the-hunger-games-costume-designer-judianna-makovsky/ (24/11/2015)


Jonathan Van Meter (2015) Jenifer Lawrence is Determined, Hilarious, and Above All- Real http://www.vogue.com/13368193/jenifer-lawrence-december-2015-cover-hunger-games/ (24/11/15)


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