Designing a New Garment

During this weeks lecture we had to propose a new item of clothing which was human centred. This meant also thinking about user participation within the design process in order to create a garment which the end customer would relate to. The idea which my group came up with collectively was to create a multipurpose shoe which the user could customise. There would be a mesh slipper which would be placed around the foot and then different bodies and soles could be clipped n around the main element. These separate parts could be changed according to the weather conditions outside, or for the formality of the event.  The initial designs we thought about was to have a boot, brogue and trainer which could all have either a flat, heeled or sole with treed. Within the design process we considered the Frankenstein model approach, where a group of people could cut and paste their preferred features. This would then be a clear representation of what would be successful on the market and we would go with the majority vote. Another idea which we had was to create a computer programme which the target market could click and drag their favourite designs.

Our very rough notes!

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