My Archive Visit – Modes and Manners

Asking for something which is not on display is always daunting and that was the obstacle which I had to come over in this task. London Collage of Communication holds a special collection of fanzines which range over a huge number of subjects. To start my process I visited the library where I was able to give some details of the fanzines I would like to analyse. As I didn’t have a specific subject I was interested in I asked for anything they believed to be relevant to my course. I am also interested in fashion illustration so I requested archives which had this element involved within. The archive with I viewed was named Modes and Manners Ornaments by Boehn, Max von (1860-1932) and it was a beautiful book with historic information regarding lace, fans, gloves, walking sticks, parasols, jewellery and trinkets. The text within was in an academic format and was rather difficult to understand at a glance. Furthermore the illustrations within were highly detailed and descriptive as they were the equivalent to a photograph at the time. The archive was beautiful to admire however the content wasn’t particularly useful to me. However the actual process of requesting and viewing the archive catalogue was positive and something that I intend to use again in the near future.

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