New Bond Street Designs

A sensory report on a boutique is something which requires you to switch off from looking at the product, but analyse how the product has been placed on the ‘shelf’. My shop of choice was Emporio Armani, found on New Bond Street. As you walked in there was a sudden change of air, as outside was surprisingly muggy for an October morning. It seemed to be fresh and clean, which probably meant that they had turned on the air conditioning slightly to regulate the temperature. However there was also a discreet scent of perfume, which wasn’t over powering, like when you visit Abercrombie and Fitch, but something which almost cleared your mind. It is fair to say that they succeeded in creating a peaceful atmosphere, especially with the staff members. They were welcoming whilst not being too invasive, and they didn’t make me feel unwanted in a store which was obviously miles out of my league. The shop was clean cut with many sharp edges, and mostly slate in colour, apart from a contrast of white lighting above the clothing. The clothes were placed diagonally on the rails, and directly at my eye level. It was apparent that each piece was placed carefully on the rail making sure that there were no imperfections in the way that they hung, and each texture was balanced throughout each collection. An overall elegant experience.

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