Mademoiselle Privé Exhibition

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The Mademoiselle Privé exhibition held at the Saatchi Gallery on the Kings Road was just the most breath taking exhibition I have ever encountered. What was most spectacular was the way in which the exhibition was created, especially the first section of the gallery which lead you through the ground floor. I was just amazed by the story telling aspect of the leading rooms, with each exhibit place carefully within the whole experience. When thinking back over the exhibition it is fair to say that the space wasn’t packed full of every historic Chanel artefact, however this meant that what was on display carried further value and enhanced our understanding of the origins of the iconic fashion house. The Camellia statue placed in the totems room was a representation of Mademoiselle Chanel’s favourite flower. She would wear it in her button hole over her heart, but it is interesting to note that this particular flower didn’t have a scent. This point is fascinating because the Chanel N.0 5 perfume is very much iconic and therefore one would assume that it derived from Mademoiselle Chanel’s preferred flora.

Something also to comment on was my admiration of the interactive elements in the exhibition which really completed the whole experience. Rather than just looking at plain artefacts on a wall, there was a vivid use of lighting, projections and other sensory elements (for example the sensory room which had hundreds of hanging fabrics which one had to wonder through). The app which we were encouraged to download was also stunning and would change according to where you were standing in the room, allowing for more information to be gained. Further it gave you a real sense of the inspirations behind what we were viewing due to the design and also the illustration.


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