Interviewing a designer

An interview from a designer is really the only way we gain an accurate insight to the thought process of that individual. The fashion industry has many secrets, however a face to face interview allows for the truth to be revealed which will result in people looking at the end products in a new light. I recently read an interview in Harper’s BAZAAR which was beautifully heart warming. It was featuring an 11 year old designer, Noa Sorrell, who as part of her make a wish asked for her collection to me shown at LA fashion week along which all the other respected brands. She started to design and make her own clothes when she fell ill from cancer and had some free time on her hands; she described it as a distraction from her unfortunate circumstance. Noa was inspired by the clothes that her friends wear and decided to make happy and bold clothes for teens, but also wants to branch out into an adult collection. The interview which was conducted by Lauren Alexis Fisher flowed from each question and was asked in a way which really allowed for Noa to expand on her ideas and show of her amazing motivations. The interview wasn’t particularly ‘juicy’ however this of course suited the nature of the designer, but did lead us with high hope for the future and for the young designer to keep flourishing.

Lauren Alexis Fisher (2015) Meet Noa Sorrell: the 11 year old who showed at LA fashion week (18/10/2015)


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